When the Crow Comes Home to Roost

Hannah Sikes is a career woman who never wanted children.  Or so she thought.  The man of her dreams comes with some heavy baggage:  he's the single father of a five-year-old boy who idolizes his dad and wants no part of this female interloper.  Hannah has to work harder than she ever imagined to win over this little boy, falling in love with him in the process.  Just as she's beginning to believe she can find happiness as a mother figure, she discovers that the man she plans to marry is not who he claims to be -- and his son is not exactly motherless.

The father and son duo are on the run and wanted by the FBI.  There are always three sides to every story, but what explanation could justify kidnapping a child from his own mother?  This is the dilemma Hannah must face as she ponders whether to turn in the man she loves and rip a son from the only parent he has ever known -- or to continue with them on the run.