Keeping It Real

Whew! . . . One more thing to cross off the Bucket List.  Writing my first novel has truly been a gratifying experience.  I am not someone who has written consistently throughout my life.  I know some author friends have been steadfast about keeping journals or have been regular story writers for the sheer joy of it.  I wish I could say that was me.  Instead, I have had sporadic interludes of literary frenzy, where the creative juices have flowed long enough for me to get some decent storylines down on paper or on my hard drive.  One of those periods was when I was living in Los Angeles in the late 1990s.  I completed two screenplays and one short story.  Other than submitting my short story to two magazines (both rejected it), I did nothing to sell or publish my literary endeavors.

Fast forward to to 2016.  After moving back East to Boston, getting married, raising a family, etc. etc.  I finally knuckled down and finished the novel I had always dreamed of writing.  Irish Catholic was developed around two or three key scenes that had been bouncing around in my brain for years.  When I made the decision to “just write it down,” I was able to revise, work through, and perfect these scenes and string them together into a novel.  It took a whole year for me to write — usually at night when everyone else was asleep — often staying up until two, three or four o’clock in the morning.  Irish Catholic was a labor of love and I enjoyed writing every word of it.  Whether readers will enjoy reading any words of it remains to be seen.  Regardless, the match has been lit.  I will continue to write, whether anybody reads my stuff or not.  (Hopefully, they will!)  I have several new projects in the works.  My next novel, tentatively titled Take Me Out to the Ball Game, is a crime drama that I plan to publish later this year.  A sample of it is available on this website, if anyone cares to peruse it.  I have several other projects in varying stages of completion that, with luck, will become published works as well.

There is hope.  The first one is always the toughest.  My advice to any aspiring authors out there is to just write it down, then revise, revise, revise.  Now, getting published — or self-publishing — is another matter entirely.  Lots of fun stories there, as my writer friends reading this well know.  But that’s a blog post for another day.